São Paulo, Brasil, 2017

São Paulo, Brasil, 2017

The IN/FRAÇÃO Project is an original and independent project by Raphael Sagarra (Finok), with a purpose of questioning what is imposed on us, as a form of protest regarding social, legislative, environmental, political, and racial issues, questioning the values that contemporary society has assumed as important. What is an infraction? Is the act of ignoring and disregarding the laws and norms of the state for the correct and orderly social behavior of the population. The project aims to discuss and understand what is really illegal, to question everything that is imposed on us as right and wrong. The terms illegal, forbidden, are just concepts determined and imposed, so the project works with a provocative soul inside of the society. 

In June of 2017, the introduction and first chapter  'A Enchente no Sertão'  took place in the city of São Paulo, where a short film brought the discussion about social behaviors concerning the illegality of the fire balloons, riot, protests and considered wrong acts inside of a society hurt by the political and social corruption. Inside of an old and abandoned church, the performance brings to us some memories about what we see as illicit, also making us forget where we live, inside of one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The project aims to use illegal and illicit considered acts to talk about other illegal acts that create larger problems to the society. Is a question about who is more wrong or what problems are real issues for our society.


The In / Fraction Project is an independent project and does not condone any type of crime, but acts as a protest platform in relation to social issues. The objective of the project is not to encourage illicit acts, but rather to raise a question about the categorization and discrimination of these, among other acts.


According to Article 5 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution, we are all equal by the law, without distinction of any kind, guaranteeing to Brazilians and foreigners residing in the country the inviolability of the right to life, liberty, equality, security and the property. The expression of intellectual, artistic, scientific and communication activity is free, regardless of censorship or license.

All safety measures during the recording of  'A Enchente no Sertão'  were provided ensuring the safety of the environment and of all.